SNG & Flyaway Services

TAS Satellite News Gathering (SNG) and Flyaway can provide reporters and broadcasters with timely, live transmission from outdoor productions, sports and entertainment events, breaking news and other activities.


TAS SNG and Flyaway services are capable of transmitting SD and HD signals. Camera crew and video facilities are also available by request.


Diagram of TAS C Band Flyaway

TAS C band flyaway system with 2.4M antenna specializes in global media distribution and has been certified on satellites: IS-5@169E, IS-8@166E, JCSAT-3A@128E, AsiaSat-5@100.5E, MeaSat-3@91.5E and Apstar-2R@76.5E.


Key features in SNG and Flyaway services
  • 1+1 full redundancy with 24/7 NOC operation
  • DVB-S and DVB-S2 modulation capability
  • SD and HD video format
  • Tape playout & editing facilities
  • Fiber connectivity & Internet access

For more information of TAS SNG & Flyaway services:
Tel: +886 2 8066 0808
Fax +886 2 8601 1808
Email: business-sales @