Located in the heart of East Asia at the overlap among Northeast, Southeast and the Greater China Region, Taiwan is at the center of signal coverage of various satellites serving from East Europe, Middle East and all the way to West Cost of North America. TAS’ Linkou International Earth Station, located in Taipei Metropolitan area in Taiwan, therefore can provide highly efficient content broadcast and transmission services connecting customers around the world.


Taiwan itself is a liberal media market best known for its highly creative Mandarin Chinese contents. With one of the highest penetrated cable markets in Asia, more than a hundred cable channels are distributed in Taiwan today. Besides, the demand for High Definition (HD) programs has shown rapid growth in recent years. TAS currently distributes most of cable channels to Taiwan’s cable headends via its satellite services, and also makes available for corresponding broadcast services to both domestic and international media enterprises. Those services include but not limited to SNG, Direct-to-Home (“DTH”) platform operation, satellite channel turnaround , MPEG-2 DVB/H.264 compression, SD/HD digital signal conversion, automated play-out (both tape and video server), and 24/7 NOC services.


Furthermore, through its innovative Single Point Connectivity Network, TAS combines its fiber and satellite resources that serve as the termination point to effectively and more economically connect the media programmers around the world, by one link, to virtually any desired destinations.