Company Profile


Experiencing sound and steady business growth and advancement for more than 15 years since its establishment in 1994, TAS has developed and enriched itself with unparalleled resources and experience in the areas of satellite communication applications and System Integration (“SI”) services, with its capacities and expertise broadly recognized as well as credits and reference well received by and from its corporate customers/partners. Theses customers and partners, among others, include major overseas and domestic media programmers, telecommunication service providers, academic institutes, and governmental division/agencies, etc. Along with such successes and achievements, in 2004, SKY Perfect JSAT, the most significant and influential satellite communication company in Japan, became another major organizational shareholder of TAS and since then has become one of TAS’ most important overseas strategic partners in developing its international business ventures.

Mission & Goal

21st century, the era of globalization, has its roots of civilization by and in telecommunication--an inevitable element in people’s daily life. With the rapid advancement of various broadband platforms, the demand for bandwidth driven by new forms of digital contents has been skyrocketing in recent years. TAS, based upon the current and existing satellite business, will be duly integrating and utilizing the fiber communication network and multimedia resources to further strengthen its strategic partnership relationships with other international satellite/telecommunication companies. Our goal is to transform TAS into a world-class media exchange center and one-stop service provider which is capable of providing “custom-made” total solutions to customers, current and perspective, around the world.

Corporate Philosophy


Everyone talks about innovation, thinks about innovation, seeks for innovation.
Use new thoughts and new ideas to bring out the innovation of research, technique, operation, process, product, and strategy.
Finds something new in what is old. Keeps renewing your thoughts day by day.
Innovation comes from knowledge. Knowledge comes from learning. Carry out lifetime learning.
Build up sustainable innovation.


Everyone abides by the law, strives fro the honesty.
Build impartial and reasonable developed environment.
Everyone is good at coordinate, seeks for being unite.
Perform the family culture with teamwork.
Everyone respects for teamwork, stresses on effectiveness.
Integrate business resource for future development.


Individuals should pursue the goal for winning and transcending yourself.
Managements should pursue the goal for breaking through the current situation and challenging the utmost.
Achievements should expect the goal for transcending competitors, taking the first place, pursuing outstanding.
Best is not enough. Only being better than the best can satisfy us. Use today’s breakthrough to challenge yesterday’s old pattern, and to create tomorrow’s new pattern.